Oh, Mondays...

Oh, Mondays...

So, the day it happened was pretty much the definition of a normal day for us. It was a Monday night, and I had just gotten off work. He was already home, in his P.Js, with the TV on, ready for us to watch our show. I popped some frozen dinners into the microwave and we settled down to watch. Usually I can tell when there's something on his mind, but tonight I didn't sense there was anything different about him. He seemed relaxed and... for lack of a better word, totally normal. After the show, I was about to browse for something else to watch and he asked if we could turn the TV off so he could play his guitar for a bit. This also seemed fairly normal as he usually plays a lot and it had been a while since he had. I turned it off and excused myself to the restroom.

When I came out I noticed that he was playing the song he wrote for me when we had first started dating. I smiled, starting to wonder what was going on since I'm always bugging him to play it but he rarely does. But I pushed the thought aside and sat myself down next to him as he started to sing. Suddenly he asked me if I could grab the capo from his guitar case. I still wasn't thinking much of it, so I got up and went over and lifted the lid. And there it was. The prettiest ring I had ever seen, nestled in a little black velvet box.

I blinked a few times and stared at it for a second, slightly confused. For some reason I wondered if I had accidently stumbled upon it. I turned around with a questioning look. He was sitting on the couch, still looking somewhat normal, except for the faint grin that played across his lips. "Is this for me?" I asked stupidly. He grinned and nodded his head, still not saying a word. He wasn't on his knee, but hey, my hubby never was one to do anything 'traditionally'. Still not completely sure this is what I thought it was, I crawled over with the ring in my hand, admiring it's beauty. He took it from me gently. "Will you?" he asked quietly. I swear my heart fluttered.

I raised an eyebrow and looked at him expectantly. "Will I what?" I smirked. When he asked me out he tried to beat around the bush to avoid the actual question, but I made him actually ask me before I answered, so we had a running joke that I would make him actually ask me when he proposed. I definitely hadn't forgotten about it, and apparently he hadn't either. He chuckled, leaning in closer. "Will you marry me?" he asked again, bringing tears to my eyes. I smiled and nodded, "Yes, of course". We hugged for a long while before he pulled away and gently took my hand in his. Carefully, he slipped the ring on my shaking finger and admired it for a second before standing up and pulling me to my feet.

"Now you have to pick me up and spin me around" I joked, trying to hold back my tears. He smiled and wrapped his arms around me before picking me up spinning me around. I laughed, a million wonderful thoughts running through my head. I was getting married! He set me back on the ground and looked into my eyes, the biggest smile on his face. I smiled back, and then we kissed in the middle of the living room... yes, I was still in mt work uniform.

Best Monday ever.