Top Tips for a Unique Marriage Proposal

Top Tips for a Unique Marriage Proposal

When you propose to your girlfriend is should be a truly special moment that the two of you will be able to reminisce happily about for the rest of your lives. Many men want to make their proposal unique, and the key to this is to make it personal and meaningful to the two of you. Of course you could propose over champagne and oysters in a big fancy hotel on Valentine’s Day, but if that’s not your usual style then it could just feel uncomfortable rather than wildly romantic.

If you want to plan a really unique proposal consider the following aspects:

The proposal date

People often get engaged on significant dates such as birthdays and Christmas. This is great if those are occasions that your girlfriend really loves to celebrate in a big way, but can be a little predictable. Instead think about proposing on the anniversary of your first date, or your first kiss. Think about which seasons your girlfriend likes. Is she a snow bunny that loves to cosy up in the winter, or does she get excited about the first flowers in spring?

The proposal location

Consider all the places that are particularly significant to the two of you. Some ideas are:

  • Where you met
  • Where you went on your first date
  • Where you took your first vacation together
  • A favorite restaurant
  • Where you were when you first said "I love you"

Are any of these places that you’d like to return to to pop the question? It’s fine to go somewhere you’ve never been before. A romantic trip away is always a lovely idea, but make sure it’s somewhere your girlfriend has always wanted to go or somewhere that the two of you have talked about going together. Don’t forget that your own home is often the most significant location of all. A romantic meal or a treasure hunt at home can be perfect for the two of you.

The proposal theme

A proposal theme doesn’t mean you need to get dressed up in a character costume, it just means you should consider the things your girlfriend likes when thinking about how to propose. If she loves a particular band try proposing at one of their concerts, or even at home with their music playing. If she loves a certain type of food choose a suitable restaurant or try cooking that type of meal yourself. Some people see overly themed proposals, such as getting engaged at Disney World or at a ball game as a bit cheesy, but if those are things your girlfriend truly loves then hers is the only opinion that counts.

Whenever, wherever, and however you choose to propose to your girlfriend, make sure you come up with something that reflects the two of you, and says something about your relationship and the time you’ve spent together. There are plenty of articles listing unique ways to propose, but if you take the time to find a personal angle to your proposal you can be sure it will be unique to the two of you.