Is a Destination Wedding For You?

Is a Destination Wedding For You?

The popularity of destination weddings is ever increasing as couples jet off with their nearest and dearest in search of sun, sea, sand and a stress-free wedding. Some couples love the idea of a destination wedding, while others can’t imagine getting married anywhere other than at home. As with any decision, there are always pros and cons. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of a destination wedding.

Three reasons to have a destination wedding

Weather and Scenery

If the climate where you live is a little unpredictable and the landscape isn’t exactly inspiring, it can be very tempting to head to a more tropical location for your wedding. Destination wedding locations tend to be places with (almost) guaranteed sunshine and blue skies, as well as stunning scenery that will form a fabulous backdrop to your wedding photos.

Reduced Costs

It can be hard to believe that a destination wedding can be cheaper than a wedding at home, even with the flights and accommodation included, but generally this is the case. There are far fewer guests to cater for at a destination wedding and the arrangements tend to be a lot simpler so less is spent on invitations, outfits, flowers, and a fancy cake. Venue costs are often cheaper at a destination wedding, especially if the venue is the hotel where the wedding party is staying. The couple also doesn’t have to pay for a separate honeymoon as they can combine it with the wedding.

Pure Relaxation

Planning a wedding can be a very stressful experience, but if you book a destination wedding package, all of the arrangements will be made for you and all you really need to do is buy your outfit and make sure you all get on the plane. Instead of spending the day before the wedding frantically confirming arrangements with your suppliers, you can spend it lazing by the pool, soaking up the sun, or visiting the hotel spa with your immediate family and closest friends.

Three reasons to think twice about a destination wedding

Absent Friends

Many couples like the idea of a destination wedding because only the people who really want to be there will come along. In theory this means you are surrounded only by your closest friends and family. In reality however, practical issues such as money and health often govern who will be at the wedding and who won’t. It may be that a work colleague who has a reasonable income and can use the event as a holiday will come along, while close friends with young families who just can’t afford the trip might stay away. If you want to invite a lot of people to your wedding and will be upset if they can’t attend, then a destination wedding may not be the right choice for you.

Impersonal Surroundings

Unless you choose to get married somewhere that has special meaning to you, perhaps the hotel where you had your first holiday together or the beach where your fiancé proposed, you might find destination wedding venues are a little impersonal. While some couples are happy to be somewhere different with beautiful surroundings, others prefer the more familiar appeal of a venue close to home.

Reduced Control

If planning a wedding sounds like hard work, a destination wedding might be ideal. However, if you enjoy planning events and want every detail of your wedding day to be done a certain way, a destination wedding might not be for you. It’s difficult to interview prospective photographers or sample wedding cake when you are hundreds of miles away and if you keep travelling to your wedding location to check on the details it could become very expensive.


Deciding to have a destination wedding is a very personal choice, and one that an ever increasing number of couples are taking. It is possible to have the best of both worlds by planning a tropical destination wedding for just the two of you and then throwing a large party when you return. That way you get your stress free wedding in paradise but still get to celebrate with everyone you love when you get back.