The Pros and Cons of a Public Proposal

The Pros and Cons of a Public Proposal

Public proposal seems to be growing in popularity. Proposal packages where performers call you and your girlfriend up on stage, waiters deliver the ring to your table with dessert, or where dolphins pass on your message with a special sign, are increasingly common. However, not all brides-to-be like the idea of getting engaged so publicly. You might want to be aware of the pros and cons of a public proposal.

Why You Should Propose in Public

Choosing a significant public place, somewhere romantic that your girlfriend loves, can be ideal for a proposal because it creates a sense of occasion and it will make the event truly memorable. Asking the waiter to deliver the ring to the table in your girlfriend’s favorite restaurant, proposing during a concert or show that she’s been dying to see, or popping the question at a significant family event, can make the moment very special.

The other wonderful thing about proposing in public is how excited other people will be to witness your proposal. Public proposals often prompt spontaneous applause or cheering, and if your girlfriend is someone that likes to be the center of attention, she’ll relish the limelight. Having other people present at your proposal can add to the fun factor, as their enthusiasm combines with yours.

If there are other people nearby when you propose, whether they’re friends and family that you have already told what is going to happen or whether they’re complete strangers, there’s a good chance that someone will have captured the moment on camera or even video. If they haven’t someone is sure to be willing to use your camera to take some snaps of the two of you flashing the ring and those newly engaged smiles.

When You Should Not Propose in Public

There are of course some downsides to proposing in public. One that is most often mentioned is "what if she says no?". You’ll feel pretty silly standing there with a ring if she turns you down. As mentioned earlier someone is bound to capture that on video. You don’t want to be the next internet video sensation. So if there’s a possibility of her saying no you might want to consider a private proposal.

In reality most girlfriends are unlikely to cause you the embarrassment of turning you down in public. However, with a public proposal they may feel a greater pressure to accept and may feel they have to say yes even though they’re not completely sure. Especially if your friends and family are looking on expectantly. When you ask for someone's hand in marriage you’re asking for a very serious commitment and you want to be sure you get an honest answer.

The other problem with proposing in public is that your girlfriend may find it embarrassing if she’s not someone that likes a lot of attention. If she’s a shy retiring type she’s unlikely to enjoy crowds of cheering spectators watching as you get down on one knee. You know her better than anyone. If she gets easily self conscious don’t even consider a public proposal.

Should You Propose In Public?

Whether or not you propose in public is a very personal choice and the main consideration should be whether your girlfriend would appreciate it or not. If she’s a very outgoing sociable person that likes to be in the limelight, then find a place that she'll love and let the crowds cheer away. However, if she’ a very private person that gets easily embarrassed and does not like to be the center of attention, consider a more intimate proposal with just the two of you instead.