Where to Propose in Rome

Where to Propose in Rome

With romance built into its very soul, finding a beautiful spot to propose in Rome shouldn’t be difficult; choosing between perfect places might be the problem. Here are a few places in the Italian capital where you could ask your girlfriend to marry you, whether you’re looking for an iconic landmark, a beautiful vista, or a garden hideaway.

Proposing at iconic places in Rome

One of the most popular places to propose in Rome is the stunning Trevi Fountain, and with good reason. The imposing facade and exquisite sculptures that mark the end of the aqueduct that brought fresh water to Rome make a spectacular setting for a proposal. Try to be there very early in the morning or late at night to avoid crowds of tourist. Although the fountain is illuminated at night, it is equally magical first thing in the morning.

Vatican City is a must see for any visitor to Rome, and it can make a perfect proposal location. The climb to the top of the dome of St. Peter's Basilica is a long one, but it is worth it for the fantastic views, and it can be the ideal place to pop the question.

The Piazza Navona is one of the best known and most picturesque squares in Rome, and has some beautiful fountains and buildings. Buy your girlfriend a delicious Italian ice cream before you drop down on one knee, and have your smiling portraits drawn by a street artist after she has said yes.

Proposing at beautiful viewpoints in Rome

Rome boasts some beautiful sunsets, and looking out over the city while you watch the sun go down, can provide the ideal moment to propose. Janiculum Hill is in Western Rome and provides breathtaking views over the city. Visit the Church of San Pietro in Montorio, and then propose by the baroque fountain as the sun sets over Rome.

If you’d prefer to find somewhere in the center of Rome to propose, look for a roof top restaurant or bar that will give you a clear view of the sunset, as well as a unique outlook on the city itself. Produce the sparkling diamond while you’re sipping champagne cocktails at the Hotel Forum rooftop bar, which has a view over the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Piazza Venezia.

Proposing at garden hideaways in Rome

Rome is a city full of picturesque gardens, and finding an intimate hideaway to propose to your loved one should be fairly easy. Garden proposals are ideal in the spring and early summer when gardens are lush and green, but the hot sun can make Roman gardens a little dry by late summer.

The Pinico Gardens in Villa Borghese are a wonderful location for a proposal, offering flowery hideaways as well as views over city. Another alternative might be the Villa d’Este which has seductive gardens boasting around 500 fountains. The mythological grotto of Diana can be an unusual and memorable place to propose.