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Our love story

Manny and I met in August 2010 at a mutual friends birthday party. A party that I almost missed had my friends not met me after being lost in Brooklyn New York for over an hour.

Bret's Lip Dub Proposal

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Bret flies in friends and family from across the country and enlists the help of approximately 40 professional dancers to propose with a lip dub proposal to his girlfriend Jovan.

Romantic Proposal

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At 26 minutes, this video looks a bit intimidating. Trust us, it's well worth the time.

I Would Walk 5000 Miles

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Jack Hyer proposes to his girlfriend after writing down after their first date that "I'm going to marry this girl, eventually".


I moved out to New York City for grad school in the summer of 2011. I grew up in Downey, CA my entire life and I needed a change of scenery.