I decided to propose to my wife at our baby shower and I wanted to tie something in to the games we were playing, so I thought of the game "telephone." The only people that knew what I was planning was my brother, her cousin, and the DJ. When the game started we had 3 members from her family and mine stand side by side to each other, but I had my brother stand next her because English is not her families first language so if the translation got all messed up by time it got to her it wouldn't matter. Her cousin starts off with my side of family and tells the first person, "will you marry me!," then so on and so on. I watched everyone's face as it was told to each person. My mother looked like she wanted to scream with happiness. When it finally got to my brother, he says, "will you marry me!" the song I picked starts to play, I come out from behind the crowd, get on one knee and ask her to marry me. Luckily for me she said, "YES!" I looked around and there was not a dry eye in the entire place. I wanted my proposal to be unique and I think it was.