Where to Propose in Santorini

Where to Propose in Santorini

The Greek island of Santorini is undoubtedly one of the most romantic spots on Earth and is an ideal place for a truly memorable proposal. It’s unique and dramatic appearance was caused by an enormous volcanic eruption which left a rectangular lagoon with a volcano at the center, surrounded by towering cliffs, known as a caldera.

Many people believe that Santorini is actually the legendary lost world of Atlantis. With its black volcanic sands, winding streets of traditional white houses, and the view over the startling blue Aegean Sea, it’s hard to find an unromantic spot on Santorini.

Where to propose in Oia

Oia, a part of Santorini located around the Therasia Island, is one of the most romantic places on Santorini to propose. This area benefits from stunning sunsets over the Aegean and enjoying a picnic around the castle area at sunset is incredibly romantic. It also has picturesque architecture, with blue and white houses built into the volcanic rock.

The only drawback to proposing in Oia is the huge number of tourists that may be enjoying the sunset with you. There are a few secluded spots you could consider instead. Many hotels and restaurants offer a great view of the sunset, so a balcony or terrace may provide a good alternative. Otherwise you can walk along the sea wall a little way from the wharf to get some privacy.

If you’re energetic enough there is a church at the highest point of the caldera, around a 30 minute walk from Oia, which has an unrivaled view. You could also take advantage of the stunning moon rise that occurs after the sunset in the summer months, and which can be just as romantic but a little quieter than sunset.

Where to propose on the water

Taking a romantic cruise is a lovely way to stage your Santorini proposal. You can charter a boat for just the two of you and sail to the local islands, stopping at a secluded beach for an intimate picnic, or dropping anchor to go swimming and snorkeling.

Alternatively you can join an evening cruise on the caldera, which is an amazing vantage point for that beautiful sunset. There are plenty of companies offering cruises and charter hire from ports in both Oia, and the capital Fira.

Alternative proposal locations on Santorini

Oia is the most obvious proposal spot on Santorini, and with good reason, but if you want something more original there are a couple of other places to check out. In the area of Megalochlori, near to the Chapel of Agios Nikolaos, there is a heart shape carved naturally into the rock of the caldera which offers a unique view of the volcano and a fantastic backdrop for post proposal photos, if you can find anyone around to take the pictures.

For a significant proposal spot in Santorini, why not visit the ancient village of Akrotini in the south of Santorini, and then take a small fishing boat ride to the well known Red Beach, famous for its red and black rocks, finally stopping at the quieter White Beach for your romantic proposal.