Where to Propose in New York

Where to Propose in New York

New York City is full of romance and iconic locations, so if you’re looking for the ideal spot to propose you’ll be plenty of choices. A magical moment is easy to arrange in a city where every street resembles a movie set, and everyone knows to expect the unexpected.

Here are some ideas on places to propose in New York, whether you are looking for a stunning view of the famous Manhattan skyline, a greener location in Central Park, or an iconic New York landmark.

Proposing with a view of the Manhattan skyline

Few images more recognizable than the awe inspiring Manhattan skyline and there are many ways you use it as a backdrop for your proposal. The most obvious is to propose at the top of the Empire State Building, which is the ideal location if you know your girlfriend is a fan of An Affair to Remember, or Sleepless in Seattle.

Although the Empire State Building is a very memorable place to propose, it isn’t always a private choice and you may have to deal with crowds of tourists. A slightly quieter alternative might be the 70th floor of the Rockefeller Center, Top of the Rocks which also has a stunning view of the Manhattan Skyline.

Finally if heights aren’t your thing, take a romantic ride on the Staten Island ferry as it gets dark, and pop the question on the way back as you are approaching Manhattan. Just be prepared to look a little windswept in your engagement photos.

Proposing in Central Park

A green oasis in the center of the city, Central Park provides the perfect combination of natural beauty and the energy of New York City. A tour of the park in a horse drawn carriage could be a very romantic way to pop the question, but if you’re planning a summer proposal these can get very hot in the midday sun.

Other romantic locations in Central Park include Cherry Hill Fountain which offers beautiful views of the park, and the nearby Bethesda Fountain with the famous Angel of Waters sculpture. The Conservatory Garden is Central Park’s only formal garden, and is usually a peaceful location to propose.

You could also choose to propose at the Victorian Ladies Pavilion on the west side of the park. This is also a popular location for Central Park weddings, which are free if you have less than twenty people in your wedding party.

If your girlfriend is a fan of music, the Strawberry Fields Memorial, in honor of John Lennon, is a very spiritual part of the park, and visitors often light candles there which can add to the atmosphere at dusk.

Proposing at an iconic location

With New York’s vibrant history and arts scene there are countless places that will hold significance for your girlfriend. One of the classic proposal locations is Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue, but this is only recommended if you can afford to buy one of their legendary diamond solitaires, and if you’re fairly confident she’ll say yes.

If you are planning a Christmas engagement, nowhere beats the ice rink at the Rockefeller Center. With its giant Christmas tree and party atmosphere, it is a fun and romantic spot for a winter proposal.

If your girlfriend is interested in art, there are a huge number of galleries and museums to visit in New York. Proposing in front of her favorite painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art will create a memory to treasure forever. If you want somewhere more private to propose in the Met, the Fort Tyron Park in the Cloisters section has an amazing view over the Hudson.