Most Romantic Marriage Proposal

Most Romantic Marriage Proposal

I wanted her to feel like a movie star...

Our story was almost a would have been a failure had my plans worked out the way I wanted.

Watch it how it happened Most Romantic Marriage Proposal

That is a confusing statement so let me take this opportunity to explain to you what I mean. I had decided to propose on January 1st at the W Hotel in downtown Atlanta. Not just at the hotel but on the helicopter pad on the ROOF of the hotel. You see the plan was to take my fiance up there for a "surprise" helicopter ride and propose once we landed.

But the day before the event I was told that it would be raining that day, so the roof top pick up was out of the question. I finally convinced the helicopter pilot to take us the evening before. When we arrived at the airport it was obvious that my girlfriend didn't like the idea. When we saw the helicopter for the first time she said "you can go by yourself if you want". We went on the ride over the city and landed...she was nervous the whole time. I would find out later that she had just read about an airplane crash that day. When we got off the helicopter I sure was glad I wasn't proposing right then.

The next morning as we laid in bed (she knew there were more surprises coming) she told me that I seriously needed to tell her what the surprises were (after all after the helicopter ride she wasn't trusting me very much anymore, lol). So I told her there was a hair and makeup artist coming to fix her up later in the day.

At 2PM the hair and makeup artist came by and started her work, meanwhile I snuck off and got into the tuxedo I had bought for the occasion. About two hours later I sent in a team of photo and video people to capture the last moments of my girl getting fixed up. they went in pretending to be paparazzi. A little while later I went in with a single rose and took her out of the room (she looked spectacular) we went to the lobby of the hotel to take more pics.

(Meanwhile I had five friends putting out over 250 roses, candles, etc) When we returned to the room it looked amazing (make sure to watch our video) I got down on one knee and asked my girlfriend to become my wife. She said YES. I then told her that the video camera that had been following us around had over 150 people watching via the internet...including both of our Moms.

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