Come fly with me

Come fly with me

Starting in September of 2011, Hayden had told me we had to attend a Christmas Party of one of his clients on December 17th. He told me that it was going to be a 'Winter Wonderland' party and their house. He built up this party like it was going to be the party of the century, and i was very excited about it. He was so detailed about this party, telling me about the outdoor winter wonderland, and the party would be inside the house. He even mentioned an invitation he had to the party, but he had 'left it at work'. He kept asking and asking me to make sure i had off work for it, which i thought was sort of strange because it was just a party. Anyways, our 2 1/2 year anniversary was also on this day, so i figured it would be something fun to do.

Months passed by and December 17 finally rolled around. As it got closer to this day, he started acting more strange. I kept trying to get him to spill about what else he had planned for that day, and finally he told me we would be taking a helicopter ride around town to look at the Christmas lights! He also added that we would be flying in and landing in his clients yard for the winter wonderland party. I don't know why i believed that, but i did.

So that night he drives me to the Wiley Post Airport, and tells me to wait in the car while he goes inside to talk to the driver to make sure everything is running on schedule so we aren't late for the 'party'. After about 20 minutes of me waiting, he finally comes back out get me. He leads me inside and finally to the helicopter. Minutes later we take off and see the beautiful downtown area of Oklahoma City lit up in Christmas lights, it was amazing! Everything looked so beautiful, and you could see all the houses and their Christmas lights they had put up. We flew around for 30 minutes and we start to fly back in. As i am holding on for dear life (have i mentioned i have a fear of flying in aircrafts) we reach the airport to land. All of the sudden the pilot says into his headset, "What is that? A sign?". Hayden starts asking me if i see the sign and i have no idea what they are talking about. As we come around the corner i see a sign lit up in red and white lights reading 'MARRY ME ASHLEY'.

I think at that point i had lost all air in my lungs and couldn't read for a few minutes. I just kept saying "oh my gosh" out loud. I couldn't exactly register what was happening. We landed and Hayden got out and came around to my side to help me out. He leads me over to the sign and grabs me and pours his heart out to me, saying some of the sweetest things i have ever heard! "I want to grow old with you" and "I have prayed for a girl like you my whole life" and i can't remember what else because it all seems like such a blur now! Finally he drops on one knee and pulls a box out and asks me to marry him. Through the tears i manage to blubber a YES!!!

I look to my left and there is a limo waiting, with a man standing outside of it waiting for us holding a bottle of sparkling wine. We get in and Hayden tells me we are going to dinner at Charlestons', so we take a very, very long route to Charlestons..and when we arrive i realize why we had taken such a long route. Hayden had been planning the proposal for months, and as he led me to the back room of the restaurant, all my family and some friends were there to surprise me!

Then, i cried even more! Nothing could have ended the night better than seeing the people i love! Not to mention they had all known about this for 3 MONTHS and every single person kept their mouth shut!!! Thinking back i can absolutely not believe somebody didn't blow it!!!!!