Chritsmas 2010 Engagement of Corey and Misty

Chritsmas 2010 Engagement of Corey and Misty

It was Christmas Day 2010 and My family and I decided to celebrate at My house this year. Me and Corey lived in a small 2 bedroom apt. so you can imagine how cramped it was. Luckily my sister lived right next door so we were able to use her oven to help cook our Christmas Day dinner. I couldn't have been happier though, just having all of My family together was enough to make it a wonderful day to remember. As all of my family began to pile in to my small apartment some of them decided to go sit outside on the porch while they waited for dinner to get done. I was running around everywhere trying to help with dinner and make sure every one had what they needed to prepare for dinner. In the mean time without my knowlege Corey and My Dad Bill were sitting alone on the porch actually having a conversation.. which was strange because My Dad nor Corey were big talkers and hardly ever talked to each other anyways. So My sister Angie comes to me and tells me that they were sitting on the porch I had to go take a look and when the rest of My family noticed me peeking out the blinds they decided to have a look too, afterall..l as I said before, it was strange that they were talking and talking for such a long time.. So, finally after a bit I decided to go out and talk with them, seemed strange because the conversation ended as soon as I walked out on the porch. My Dad was acting kindof odd and later said he was going to go home for a while and would come back to eat dinner with us.

We continued on cooking and My nephews Bryson and Brendan were begging to start opening gifts.. they were so excited and just couldn't wait. To be honest with you I couldn't wait either. There was an extremely large gift under the tree for Me from Corey and I was dying to know what could be in it. I was thinking maybe a new vacuum cleaner or a computer...lots of different things going through my head. Corey and I had been talking about getting engaged and had looked at a few rings together and decided that we just couldn't really afford it. So when I seen the big box I was kindof thinking that he had went ahead and got me a ring anyways and was trying to throw me off with the big box. And the thought had crossed my mind that the reason that Corey and my Dad were talking for so long was because Corey was telling my Dad that he had planned on asking me to marry him.
So after a while we decided to open gifts before dinner..we normally ate dinner first but learned that during the confusion of cooking with 2 different stoves we had not even started a couple of our main traditional dishes. So we called My Dad to tell him to come on back that we were going to open gifts first and eat afterward and he told us to go ahead without him and he would be there a little later.

Everyone gathered around in a big circle the best we could to begin opening gifts, being the host I decided to be the one to hand out the gifts. Everyone was ripping and tearing away at the wrapping paper and thanking each other for their the time I got to open mine everyone else was done with theirs. So it seemed like everyone was watching me open my gifts. I opened the smaller ones first and saved the big one from Corey for last. Looking back I did notice Corey looking a little Anyways, I finally got to my big gift and ripped the paper off and realized it was a large box with several gifts inside from Corey..every one laughed and said he was just being lazy by throwing them all into one big box instead of wrapping them individually. Among the gifts Corey bought me were complete boxed seasons from Greys Anatomy, picture frames, sweaters, lacy undershirts and just some other things that I had told him that I would like to have.I kept thinking to myself that the next thing I was going to pull out would be a ring. It was so strange I was pulling each item out of the large box I felt like I was going in slow motion and my whole entire family had their eyes pasted on me. I pulled the last item out of the big box and realized my thought of it being an enagement ring was bad wrong. I was so happy with all of the things that he got me I wasn't dissapointed that their wasn't a ring. I just had this rush of emotion come over Me and I teared up... noone had ever put so much thought into a gift for me.. Corey bought Me all the right sizes of clothes, all my favorite colors and everything that I had just barely mentioned wanting over the past few months. I began to cry as I pushed the large box away from Me and stood up and walked toward Corey who was already standing.. He walked toward Me and I opened my arms to hug him and at that moment everything went completely silent as if someone had hit the mute button or something. Everyone still had their eyes on me and everything began playing in slow motion. So I was standing there crying with my arms open, waiting for Corey to wrap his arms around me. And then he pulled something out of his pocket and looked me straight in the eyes as he hit one knee and said "Will You Marry Me?" I lost it.. said yes and sat down on his knee and we held each other so tight and My family clapped their hands.. I remember sitting there on his knee and seeing our lives pass before my eyes, all in just a few seconds. I have never had so many emotions coursing through my body all at the same time..., I wanted to Laugh, Cry , Jump in the air, stay perfectly still.. but all I could do was sit there in his lap and cry and kiss him. It was absolutely the most perfectly amazing romantic moment of my life. It was so super sweet, Corey was so nervous that when he asked me to marry him the "Will You" didn't even come was just his lips moving and I could hear the "Marry Me".

After finally gathering myself I looked at My Mom, Barbara and she had tears in her eyes, then I looked at my Brother Will and his girlfriend Lisa and they were My Sister Angie and her husband Rodney were standing in the kitchen looking at us like they wanted to cry.. maybe not Rodney, but My Dis looked like she did. My Sis Amy and her friend Laurie were sitting at the bar with a huge smile on their face.. and My nephew Bryson even looked like he could have had a tear in his eye, he has always been extra sensitive. And sweet little Brendan was busy playing with his new toy wandering what had just happened and wanted to know why everyone was clapping. Coreys sis TiAnna was holding the camera saying I got it on video and wanted to take a picture of the ring. I realized that my Dad wasn't there and so I went straight to the phone and called him. He answered "Hello" and I was still so excited and nervous I was trembling and could hardly speak.. I said "I'm getting Married Daddy" and he said that he already knew.. That He and Corey had already talked about it. He asked me if I was happy and through my tears I could barely say yes.. and I told him to come on back and eat.. and before he hung up the phone he said "Daddy Loves You"... Something he says almost everytime I talk to him on the phone but it meant more to me that day because I could hear his tears in his voice when he said it.

Later that evening Corey and I were talking and he told me that when he was on the porch talking with My Dad he was asking my Dad for my hand in Marriage. Which was perfect because my Dad is old-fashioned and I know by Corey asking him, he gained more respect from my Dad. And also he wanted to tell My Dad that he was going to propose after everyone opened their gifts. Corey said that he had the ring for a good month before Christmas and kept trying to think of the perfect place and the perfect way to propose. Finally he decided to do it on Christmas, when all of my Family would be together.. because Corey knows how much My Family means to me and knew that I would want to share that very special moment with all of them!! And he was right: I wouldn't have it any other way, It was PERFECT!!!