Romantic Surprise Park Prposal

Romantic Surprise Park Prposal

From the moment I first met Nicole, she knocked my socks off and I knew that I was a lucky man to have the opportunity to sweep her off of her feet. As our relationship grew, I continued to be impressed and wowed by how wonderful the special lady in my life is!

She had regularly made it very clear to me that she was interested in marriage and that she felt I was her perfect match. Though I agreed with what she was saying, I had to to keep my responses less enthusiastic to throw her off of the trail for the surprise I had in my back pocket...

I planned a cute date weekend for Nicole and I to Stillwater, MN to shoot pictures of fall colors. It was a perfect weekend for the trip. The weather was beautiful, and we had a great time shopping at boutique shops, an apple orchard, a wonderful lunch, and a tour of Stillwater on the trolley. But it was now time to put my plan into action.

It was the middle of the afternoon, and since our dinner reservations were for later that evening, I had packed us a picnic snack. Well, that’s what I told her at least... So we headed to the park, picnic basket in hand, for a "snack". I reached into the basket, and started by pulling out a cute card. The next gift I had in the basket for her was a single red rose. What cute date weekend is complete without the classic and romantic single red rose? While she was smelling the rose, I got dressed appropriately for the next step. This included a fedora hat that I occasionally wear. Nicole loves this hat, and once told me that I should be wearing it when I propose to her. So at this point it was obvious she started to get a hint as to what I was up to.

I had a few more gifts for Nicole in the basket. I had built her a snow globe; something she loves. I had put a considerable amount of effort into making this; it contains an etched glass heart with the words: "Nicole, will you marry me?". As Nicole was admiring the snow globe, I grabbed the last gift out of the basket, the ring! I got down on one knee and asked her the biggest question I’ve ever asked anyone! The response was a very clear “YES!” and came without hesitation!

And my night of surprise plans wasn’t over just yet... We had reservations on a riverboat dinner cruise, with our parents waiting on board to celebrate with us! After that, I surprised her with an amazing, romantic room waiting for us at the historic Lowell Inn, complete with rose petals and candles!