Helicopter Proposal Story

Helicopter Proposal Story

On April 4th, 2012, Lauren woke up, got ready, and went to work like any other weekday. It was around 7 AM, and she woke up Sean to say goodbye like she does every morning. Sean, who actually hadn't slept at all that night, pretended to be groggy and reminded her to come straight home from work as they had dinner plans with friends Greg and Lindsey. As soon as Lauren left, Sean jumped out of bed, and the most important day of his life had begun.

Rewind a few days, weeks, and months, and Sean began piecing together the proposal in November of 2011. Lauren and Sean decided to plan a vacation during Lauren's Spring Break in mid-April. They picked Mexico, picked a resort, and, on Thanksgiving, let their families know they'd be taking their first trip out of the country together. While this seemed harmless enough, Sean had already informed his sister Ariel, and had asked her to tell Lauren that she thought Sean would propose while they were in Mexico. This meant that a proposal coming before the trip would be a complete surprise.

At this point, Sean had already begun searching for the perfect ring. He got advice from a few of Lauren's close friends and sister. He went to countless jewelry shops, and in December of 2011, he found what he was looking for.

Fast forward through countless conversations with close friends, through brainstorming sessions, numerous obstacles and dead-ends, and hours of plotting and planning every move, and Sean was almost ready.

On April 1, Sean stopped by Lauren's parents' house early in the morning. Sitting with them in the kitchen, heart beating out of his chest, and more nervous than he would care to admit, Sean told them something they already knew: he loved their daughter very much. Sean then asked for their blessing in proposing to Lauren. After a very welcoming yes, Sean spent the next hour or so laying out his plan, then was off to join a few friends to build the 8 foot letters that would spell out his love to Lauren.

Over the next two days, phone calls to Lauren's close friends were made, the timeline was reviewed about a thousand times, and the rest of the plan was set in action.

Now back to April 4.

Upon getting home from a stressful work day, Lauren was informed that Greg and Lindsey were running late, so Sean planned a surprise before dinner. They got in the car, drove to Monmouth Executive Airport, and a helicopter ride to the Statue of Liberty was waiting. A thirty minute ride up to the Statue, and then they were flying down the coast of the Jersey Shore.

Sean mentioned to Lauren that he thought they were nearing Point Pleasant Beach, and the pilot confirmed that it was true. As they got close, Sean pointed to a spot about 20 feet from where Lauren and Sean stood on the beach on the night of their first date. "I think there is something written there." Lauren looked intently as the pilot spun the helicopter back around to see what was in the sand. As the words came into focus, Sean pulled out the ring. Lauren saw the words, turned to Sean, and he asked. She said yes.

The helicopter landed, they had champagne on the helipad, and drove off, heading home. Waiting for them at home were a bunch of close friends and family, a few toasts, a bunch of drinks, and the beginning of a life together.