How we got engaged
June 1 was a very special day for me. Not only was it the beginning of the first week of summer, it was also Andy's and my second year anniversary of dating. It was even more special to me because I was going to spend it with Andy. Last year, on our first anniversary, I wasn't able to see Andy because of a wedding shower I had to attend. Even though last year was very upsetting, it made this year mean even more to us.

For weeks before our anniversary I would ask Andy what we were going to do. He never seemed to answer me the way I wanted. He would either say that he didn't know or just say that we would go somewhere. Going somewhere to eat would have been fine as long as we were together, I just wanted to know exactly what we would be doing. This was our second anniversary, the first anniversary we would spend together. Still, Andy would never go into great detail. I knew that Andy liked to plan things. He also liked to surprise me, but this time it seemed that he wasn't excited about our anniversary at all even though he said he did.

Finally, Monday, June 1, was here, and already I was kind of irritated. I thought that for such a special day as this, we would spend the whole day together. I didn't get to see Andy until that evening. Even though things didn't quite go my way, I still wanted to make the best of it. I arrived at Andy's around 5:30 or so all dressed up with my hair curled and saw Andy, still in his work clothes. Little did I know that the reason he was late was because he had just gotten back from the store. He had gone shopping to find a shirt and tie that matched my dressed exactly. When Andy goes shopping, he has to make a concious effort not to pass by the shoe aisle. I don't think he even looks at the boys shoes because he spends so much time in the girls department buying shoes for me. So, along with the shirt and tie he bought, he also bought me a new pair a purple high heels which I wore that night. Needless to say, I wasn't irritated anymore.

Andy told me that his mom was trying to find a good place for us to go eat. He said that since it was Monday, not too many of the seafood restaurants would be open. She tried Little River Inn, but when she told them that we would be celebrating our anniversary, they didn't act like they would do anything special. By the time we left the house, I still didn't know where we were going to eat. Andy told me that we had to stop somewhere in St. Martinville for his dad to check on something concerning his job. We ended up going to the Evangeline Oak in St. Martinville. While there, Andy and I were able to look around and learn about the romantic story behind the Evangeline Oak. Finally, we went into the gazebo to gaze across our beautiful brown bayou. After a while in the gazebo, Andy took my hand, told me he loved me, etc., knelt down, and asked me to marry him. I was completely shocked, I didn't know what to do. I was surprised I was able to say yes.

After Andy proposed to me, everything started falling into place with all the planning that had been done. Andy had taken everything into account. Turns out, everybody in his family, my family, and our church family knew about the proposal. The only person who didn't know was me. It had taken him about three weeks to get my parents to finally say yes. Also, I found out that Andy had been planning to propose to me at that time for the past year, but was telling me that we probably wouldn't get married until a few more years. Andy and his mom had even gone to St. Martinville a few days earlier to scope things out. They rehearsed how everything was going to happen, from where we were going to be to where the cameras would be. Andy's parents not only took pictures, but also videoed the proposal. I guess if I would have tried, I could have put the pieces together sooner. That's probably why it's so easy to surprise me.

After everything was finished, we left to go to the restaurant. On the way there and even sitting in the restaurant, I was still shaking. I couldn't imagine what was going on. That night was the best night of my life. Our proposal story wasn't one that happened in front of a large group of people, or one that was preceeded by fireworks lighthing up the sky. It was, however, very well planned and very romantic. I can't wait to get married and spend the rest of my life with the one I love.